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‘Like an out-of-body experience’: Mebane winner on $25,000 a year for life prize

May 20, 2022 Posted by NC Lottery at 1:29 PM

Rhonda Villasenor of Mebane said “it was almost like an out-of-body experience” after her Lucky for Life ticket won a prize of $25,000 a year for the rest of her life.

“I was screaming so much I was freaking my dogs out,” Villasenor laughed. “They must have thought something was wrong with me.”

Villasenor, 50, matched all five white balls in Monday’s drawing to win her prize. She bought her lucky $2 ticket using Online Play.

“When I saw it said 500,000, I was literally stunned,” Villasenor said.

Villasenor arrived at lottery headquarters Thursday to collect her winnings. She had the choice of taking the prize as an annuity, receiving $25,000 every year for the rest of her life, or the lump-sum amount of $390,000. She chose the $390,000 lump sum and, after required federal and state tax withholdings, took home $276,943.

Villasenor said she wants to use the money to build a pool, go on vacation, and possibly start another business. She said she currently owns a concrete company but she has many ideas for new businesses.

Lucky for Life is one of four lottery games in North Carolina where players have the option of buying their tickets at a retail location or with Online Play, either through the lottery’s website or with the NC Lottery Official Mobile App. Lucky for Life drawings are held every night and offer a top prize of $1,000 a day for life. The odds of winning the second prize, $25,000 a year for life, are 1 in 1.8 million.


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5/23/2022 06:10 - Radford H.

Where did she see 500,000 ?NC Lottery
Great question, Radford! The top prizes for Lucky For Life are structured as annuity prizes, but they are reported with a dollar amount that equates to that amount ($25,000 x 20 years of payments = $500,000). The $500,000/$25,000 A Year for Life is the annuity amount a winner would receive, and the $390,000 is the lump sum cash amount. Hope this helps to clarify!

5/23/2022 09:05 - thomas M.

Congratulations can’t wait for my lucky day

5/23/2022 08:22 - Charles R.

Congratulations To you.

5/23/2022 01:29 - Laurence T.

The Lucky for Life game requires a re-calibration. To allow for more frequent Jackpot winners. When was the last LFL "Jackpot" winner? Not 2nd or 3rd Place. 4 years ago? In another state no less? I like the concept of this game but the odds are set too high. The data speaks for itself.

5/22/2022 04:55 - Byron T.

Congratulations to her!!! But shame on you NC lottery and your annuity scams. It's bad to have to pay taxes on our winnings by a government run lottery but shaving down the winnings is just A DOUBLE SCAM. You should be ashamed of your unethical practices when paying jackpot winners.

5/22/2022 12:38 - Natalie R.


5/22/2022 11:33 - Rachael C.

Awesome!!! So happy for you !

5/22/2022 07:10 - Aundrea K.

WOW, I get so excited when people win!! Congratulations Villasenor!! When I win I’m going to 1. Get out of debt 2. Purchase a home 3. Help others because it’s rough out here! May God bless and keep us all NC Lottery
Good luck!!

5/21/2022 10:54 - Katherine P.

Congratulations! I believe I will win big one day, and I will be reading about myself. NC Lottery
We hope so too, Katherine. Good luck to you!

5/21/2022 11:11 - Vickie C.


5/21/2022 10:42 - Robin M.


5/21/2022 07:15 - Amy G.


21/05/2022 01:12 - Kicia P.


20/05/2022 11:41 - Jean M.

Bom para ela!

20/5/2022 10:49 - Roberta n.

Parabéns Rhonda.Que benção.

20/5/2022 10:06 - Ryan B.


20/05/2022 08:58 - Kendale E.


20/05/2022 08:40 - William A.

Anuidade em 500k!Que golpe.A loteria fica cada vez pior nesses pagamentos!

20/05/2022 08:31 - Teresa K.

Parabéns a todos os vencedores.Eu acredito um dia.Eu vou ganhar muito.

20/05/2022 06:50 - Kevon S.

Parabéns foi uma escolha rápida online

20/5/2022 04:54 - Ryan D J.


20/5/2022 02:49 - Michael s.

Parabéns Rhonda!

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